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Mysterious Creatures of the Badger state is the subtitle of this most recent book, and it covers every type of creature from werewolves to Bigfoot to out-of-place kangaroos to mysterious littlie people. Nick Redfern said, "Written in an informative, intelligent and entertaining fashion - and with a welcome degree of wit thrown in to the mix, too - Monsters of Wisconsin is an excellent regional study of those beasts that science and zoology tell us do not exist, but that the people of Wisconsin will strongly argue otherwise!"


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Five star review by Midwest Book Review

By  Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - This review is from: Haunted Wisconsin: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Badger State (Haunted (Stackpole) (Paperback) Haunted Wisconsin: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Badger State lives up to its title with a cornucopia of Wisconsin's paranormal legends, from the witches of the Wisconsin Dells to spirits haunting the State Capitol, Rocky the Rock Lake Monster, to stories of space aliens (with an affection for pancakes!) and the ghost of the murderous gangster John Dillinger. These exciting ghost stories are perfect for campfire reading, enhancing scary Halloween parties, or simply sending shivers down one's spine anytime. Highly recommended!

From the author:

I have always wanted to write a book about Wisconsin's ghosts: historic, contemporary, haunts of schools, theaters, mansions, lakes, restaurants and of course, cemeteries. So when Stackpole Books invited me to pen Wisconsin's edition of their "Ghosts and Strange Phenomena" state-by-state series, I did not not even say boo. Just signed the contract. [

The stories I really love are the ones with some historic backbone, such as the ancient tale of the Cave of Death near Richland Center that was believed true by one of America's most talented primitive artists of the time.

Devil dogs, werewolves and man bats get their fair share of my attention, as well.

These are the stories our descendants will look back upon as their folklore heritage. I only hope I did them justice!


The Michigan Dogman, Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the USA (click to order from



Product Description They look like werewolves, but are they? They stand six-feet tall, are covered in fur, and possess both a wolf-like head and the ability to walk upright. Whatever one chooses to call them--werewolf, dogman or manwolf--an astonishing number of witnesses across the U.S.A. have encountered these creatures on roadsides, in the woods, and near their own homes. They swear the unknown canines are as menacing as they are real. And if these creatures aren't werewolves, what could they be?

In her third book about this continuing mystery, author and investigator Linda Godfrey takes readers on a state-by-state creature hunt, exploring many new and shocking reports and leaving no bone unturned in her search for the beast's true nature. 240 pages, paperback.


If you thought the likes of The Wolfman, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Underworld had no basis in fact, it's time to think again! --Nick Redfern, author of There's Something in the Woods and Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

Known already among Godfrey's legion of fans as "Bray Road III" (following "The Beast of Bray Road" and "Hunting the American Werewolf"), this new volume is replete with scads of new sighting reports---as well as uncovered past events that people "didn't want to talk about" for years and only now were willing to come forward with.

This one, like the others preceding it, is a real Goodie, too. It is full of photos, maps, and artisitic renderings. It is also full of speculations as to the natures of these "things" that people keep seeing----not only in Michigan and Wisconsin("Werewolf Central"), but down through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia,Pennsylvania,Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky (Yes, the famous "Beast of the LBL"--the Land Between the Lakes---shows his ugly face for us), Kansas, Illinois, and "all over the place". This MAY be the best book of the three, although the last one is hard to beat. - William R. Hancock, excerpt from 5-star review










Strange Wisconsin, More Badger State Weirdness

First there was Weird Wisconsin, but there remained much more strangeness to be written and photographed. Strange Wisconsin includes more stories of the Beast of Bray Road, Bigfoot in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Man Bat, Goat Man and Washington Co. Bearwolf, plus weird roadside statues, eccentric artworks, strange people, weird history and legend, haunted places and cemetery lore, with the same lush color pix and illustrations as Weird Wisconsin, all arranged alphabetically by city. If you loved Weird Wisconsin, you will love Strange Wisconsin too. Read about:

• The Curse of the Brussels Pig Man • Otherwordly Sculptures of Richard Arfsten, Ellis Nelson and others • Burlington's Sci Fi Cafe • The Ghost Choir of Coolidge • Saved by a Bigfoot • Murdering Dairy Princess • Holy Mountain of Trempeleau • Wisconsin Dells Retro • Giant Mice with Cheese • Little Green Men and UFOs in Wisconsin • and much much MORE!










Hunting the American Werewolf


Named Best Fortean Cryptozoological Book of 2006 by Loren Coleman on Cryptomundo

Book Description by the publisher, Trails Books:"He's out there-- a malevolent beast with the head of a wolf‹walking upright like a man! Don't believe it? How do you explain dozens of verified sightings throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and nationwide? In this fascinating book, best-selling author and award-winning journalist Linda Godfrey continues the hunt she began in The Beast of Bray Road. With only her investigative mind and her wry sense of humor, she takes on weird creatures too bizarre to be real‹and too well documented to be mere fairy-tales. 312 pages, includes photos, maps and chronology of creature sightings nationwide." Foreword by Nick Redfern, author of "Three Men Seeking Monsters"

Author Rosemary Guiley says: "A riveting and outstanding work! Linda S. Godfrey makes a most compelling case for the existence of strange creatures moving in and out of our world. "

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As seen on Inside Edition, Sightings, Animal Legends (Animal Planet Channel), Mystery Hunters (Discovery Kids Channel) The New In Search of (Sci-Fi Channel), Fang versus Fiction (American Movie Classic Channel) Investigations of the Unexplained (Travel Channel), The Jeff Rense Radio Show, The Clyde Lewis radio show, Global TV Network Northern Mysteries, AM Coast to Coast and Animal X3, Animal Planet--- it's

THE BEAST OF BRAY ROAD; Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf," BY LINDA S. GODFREY

published by Prairie Oak Press, Trails Media, Black Earth Wisconsin 2003

"Godfrey writes in an entertaining, atmospheric, and authoritative way, and (thank goodness) has a keen wit too. Monstrously entertaining!"Nick Redfern, PHENOMENA Magazine, October 2004

"The Beast of Bray Road" recounts the unique saga that began in the early 1990s when people in Southeastern Wisconsin began reporting sightings of a big, wolf-man type creature that some dubbed "werewolf." As the reporter who broke the original story, I became the accidental "werewolf central," and chronicler of every new sighting. This is the story of some two dozen sightings told in the original words of the witnesses where possible, along with a look at how the phenomena changed the area where the sightings began. We also take a serious look at possible explanations, hoaxes, and theories ranging from local wild men to ancient Native American lore.

Also learn about dog and wolf-headed creatures throughout history and from this world and the next, as well as a parallel situation that happened in Michigan, The Michigan Dog Man.

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Brad Steiger, well-known author of The Werewolf Encyclopedia and about 60 other titles, gives "The Beast of BRay Road" a "highly recommended" in his cover review.


Other Books by Linda Godfrey

Weird Wisconsin, Your Travel Guide to Wisconsin's Local Legends and Best Weird bookKept Secrets, coauthored with Richard D. Hendricks, published by Barnes & Noble, April 2005

All things weird, wacky, spooky or legendary about the Badger State, hardcover and full color, richly illustrated. Ghost lore, strange roads, outsider artists, eccentrics, serial killers, unusual gravestones, it's all here. Makes an excellent gift. Contains a long, illustrated synopsis of The Beast of Bray Road.



Weird Michigan, Your Travel Guide to Michigan's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets by Linda S. Godfrey

Mysteries of the Wolverine State...I put 5,000 miles on the Weirdmobile covering such places as Dog Lady Island, Hell's Bridge, legendary shoe trees, giant and crazy road art, eccentric artists, cemetery stairway to Hell, haunted hotels and houses, the Michigan Dog Man, Dinosaur Gardens and much much more.




For fans of true crime, history, poison mysteries, criminal trials and general good reading, try:

The Poison Widow; a True Story of Sin, Strychnine and Murder (Trails Books 2003)

Myrtle Schaude had to be one of the most enigmatic murderers ever to walk the face of the Wisconsin earth. Raised a prim, religious country girl, she had what seemed the perfect marriage, perfect husband, perfect home and four lovely children in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Described as a "petite beauty," Myrtle was known for taking food to the sick in her community. Her husband sang in the Methodist choir and was a trustee of his church. They even provided room and board for students from the nearby Whitewater State Normal School, and that proved to be the family's undoing.

He was a young veteran of World War I, the student boarder Myrtle fell inexplicably in love with. Tall, tubercular, and not brilliant, Ernst Kufahl was eight years Myrtle's junior. Within the year, his landlord lay dead in his bed of strychnine poisoning. Who poured the poison?

A year and a half later, Myrtle's four children narrowly missed being simultaneously poisoned and mangled in a car crash thanks to their love-besotted mother. Myrtle and Kufahl were both put on trial, and each was followed in the national news, described as" sordid and shocking".

Based on five years of research, hundreds of court documents including original love letters between Myrtle and Ernst, piles of old newspaper articles, and interviews with people alive at the time, The Poison Widow tells the whole amazing story.











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